1. Introduction

Introducing Bitcoin Speedrun, the game that's gonna rock your socks off and fill your pockets with dBTC!

In Bitcoin Speedrun, which is powered by RWA (real-world activities: clicking, hovering, walking, you name it), you become a miner, digging deep into the digital mines to produce dBTC (that's Degen Bitcoin, in case you were wondering)

The goal? Simple: mine as much dBTC as humanly possible. Rack up those rewards, build your crypto empire, and show the world what it means to be a true gaming legend!

Note: This dBTC is all in-game fun, exclusive to Bittendo. No real Bitcoin involved. But hey, we're all about that Bitcoin love here, so we've thrown in Satoshi's Halving mechanic for an extra spicy challenge. Total supply: 21 million tokens. And every time we hit the halfway mark, your mining rewards take a nosedive. We'll explain more below.

2. How to play

  1. Buy A Miner that starts with a mining rate of 10-30 dBTC using 0.00069 BTC or 0.014 ETH.
  2. Continuously click to boost your Miner's power. Each click increases energy by 0.5%. Don't slack off, or your energy will drop, and mining will stop when energy hits zero!
  3. Hit the collect button to gather your mined dBTC, but you can only do this once every 2 hours.
  4. Create as many Miners as you can for maximum power!
  5. Climb to the top and show off your mining skills!

* Remember, the more Miners you have, the more powerful your mining operation becomes, leading to more dBTC mined and a higher mining rate!

3. Play like a Pro

1. Each Miner's level is like your lucky dip at the arcade, ranging from 1-5. Cross those fingers and hope for a powerhouse!

2. Miner’s initial mining rate ranges from 10-30. For instance, if you get a Miner with level 5, its initial Mining Rate will be 30! That means you get 30 dBTC per minute while your Miner has power.

3. Just like Bitcoin, we're keeping it real by Halving rewards. So, after we hit half the total dBTC supply, your rewards get sliced in half.

4. For example, with your level 5 miner and initial 30 dBTC mining rate, you're looking at 15 dBTC per minute after the first Halving.

5. And hey, here's a pro tip for you: team up with your fellow gamers! Because hey, the more, the merrier, right? And with our Share Link feature, it's easier than ever to spread the crypto love. Just hit that copy to clipboard button on your Miner URL link, share it with your pals, and watch the dBTC roll in, even if they don't own a Miner themselves!

4. Free First Miner

Let’s join us for free from Ethereum land!

Wallet has tokens worth approximately $200 or above on Ethereum, can claim a free first miner.

OR your onchain bitcoin wallet has at least 0.002 BTC , can claim the free first miner.

Token balances are snapshotted at Monday, May 13, UTC +00

5. Reward

Get ready to collect rewards that'll make you shout "Woo-hoo!". Winners will snag:
  • Hfiuny heyfciunehrf cfiuehhf et heiuferri uhre.
  • Hcifefrhr l ugfeg erofihewiuiue geuyceiuwhfueiwh huew8exw.
  • Save up your dBTC gold coin to exchange for Big Red Mushroom of Runes.

And hey, if you miss out on this round, don't sweat it! We've got more tricks up our sleeves than a magician at a magic convention. We're here to stay, and we've got plenty of campaigns, games, and surprises waiting just for you.